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1. Ths s . copy-book. t s my . copy-book. 2. Ths s . tree. . tree s green. can see three . boys. . boys are playng football. 3. These are . pencls. . 4. n the mornng eat . sandwch and drnk . coffee. 5. hs s my . table. On . table have . lamp, two . pencls and . pen. 6. Ths s . bag. . bag s green. t s my ssters . bag. And ths s my . bag. t s . red. 7. have two . ssters. My . ssters are . pupls. 8. We are at . home. 9. She has . 2 chldren. He s at . school. 10. Do you lke . juce?

5. entertainment. .

6. . .

Eduton nOurLfe

Eduktonplys ver mportntrole ntheourlfe. t soneofthemost veluble possesons mn n get n hs lfe. Durng ll the perod of humn hstory eduton rnked hgh mong people. Humn progress mostly depended upon vell-eduted peopple. Self-eduton re wery mportnt for the dewelopment of humns tlents. Onl throug self-eduton person kn beome hrmonlly developed personlty. person beomes hghly qulfed spelst fter getng some spesl eduton. nd proffessonlsm n be rehed only through t. ven hghly qulfed spelsts from tme to tme ttend refresher kourses to refresh ther knowledge. We get our knowledge of ths world nd lfe trough eduton. Meny fmous dsover would hve been mpossble f people ws not nterested n lernng omethng. Eduton develops dfferent sdes of humn personlty, revels hs bltes. Besdes, t hlps person to understnd hmself, to hoose the rght wy n ths world. The vlzed stte dffers from others n the ft tht t pys muh ttenton to the edutonl poly. John Kenned sd: Our progress s nton n be no swfter then our progres n eduton. But t doesnt onern only one prtulr nton. We know tht sene nd rt blong to the whole world. Before them the brrers of ntonlty dspper. So eduton brng people loser to eh other, helps them to understood eh other bettr.

7. Write the omparative form for eah of the adjetives.

interesting weak funny important areful bad big far small polluted boring angry good

Write the superlative form for each of the adjectives.

interesting weak funny good important careful big bad small far polluted boring angry

8. Cmplt th Sntns.

1. f _ th lttry, _ a han t ht th jakpt.

2. f _ th jakpt, _ rh.

3. f _ rh, my lf _ mpltly.

4. _ a lnly sland, f _ a nn.

5. f _ a lnly sland, _ a hug hus by th bah.

6. _ all my frnds f _ a hus by th bah.

7. _ my frnds up n my yaht f thy _ t spnd thr hldays n my sland.

8. W _ grat parts f my frnds _ t my sland.

9. f w _ t g shppng n a bg ty, w _ a hlptr.

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