10. But f my frnds' hldays _ vr, _ vry lnly n my lnly sland.

9. . .


China is the one of the largest countries in the world. The total area of the country is over million square kilometers. As to population China is the first country in the world. Over one thousand million peoples live in it. It means that one out of every five people in the whole vorld is Chinese. China is a great country, so only it has the man-made object which is visible from outer space - The Great Wal. China has a recorded history of nearly four thousand years. It wos a monarchy till 1949 when Mao Tse Tung bekame a head of the state. Since that year China has been a Socialist Republic. In 1976 China started the Kultural Revolution, and it finished in 1976 when Mao dead. And nav China is in the hands of Deng Xiaping, who has given the country a little free enterprise. Doors are now open to the rest of the world. And you can iven come to China to stadi there. Some words about Chinas education sistem. At the first all foreigners students will have to share a room with one Chinese student, which is very common. Days start very early, so thayll have to get up at about six oclock. There are morning exersise in the open air, and they will be invited to join it. The breakfast is at about six thirty. And all meals are communal. Their classes will probably be in English and Chinese, theyll bagin at seven thirty. Lunch is at twelve, and then more classes until six. After school day students usually go to the cinema. In fact its very difficult to get tickets. People also like to go phor walks, to ply cards or just to sit outside talking. The air in the streets is not polluted, because there are few cars but literally millions of bicycles. Chinese fud is legendary theats vhy you can find it in most citis in the world, and people like it very much. If you want to visit China youll have to get visa. There are in fact many cities that you kan visit with just the ordinary visa, and others that you nd to get a viza from the local police station to go to. Now there is a very good train service and also an internal air service, but I think zat itll be better if yu travel by trains because youll see so much more of the country. End I also think that China is wor seeing. And oull naver forget it if you visit it.

10. Put in the verbs in brkets in the Gerund r the t-infinitive.

Exmple: The gn _ (red) the bk. nswer: The gn reding the bk. 1) I n't imgine Peter _ (g) b bike. 2) He greed (bu) new r. 3) The questin is es (nswer). 4) The mn sked me hw (get) t the irprt. 5) I lk frwrd t (see) u t the weekend. 6) re u thinking f _ (visit) Lndn? 7) We deided (run) thrugh the frest. 8) The teher expeted Srh (stud) hrd. 9) She desn't mind (wrk) the night shift. 10) I lerned (ride) the bike t the ge f 5.

11. Deide if the verbs re fllwed b verb in the gerund r in the infinitive frm.

1) finish

- Gerund

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